Cornerstone Society

sponsor-image-set-tccs2The Cathedral Cornerstone Society is a bold new concept in giving which was launched in conjunction with the 1t Annual Bishops Cup Cathedral Classic golf tournament in 2014. The concept, and its structure, is in keeping with the tenants of pastoral planning that the Christian faithful assist its Parish leader in the discernment and expression of its mission, as well as increase the vitality of the parish.

Society members consist of all financially supportive parishioners who give gifts in the name of the Society, as well as our friends who believe, as we do, that the Cathedral holds a unique position of importance to the Diocese. The Cornerstone Society serves as a permanent entity that organizes giving campaigns at the Cathedral and assists the Rector in a focused approach to giving.

Giving levels range from $1000-$5,000 Please contact Les Smith @ (315) 450-3521 for more details.

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